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Hey guys!

As a die hard smash bros fan since brawl and a general fighting game player, one thing I always noticed is how annoying it can be to scour the web for combos for specific characters in game. A friend of mine came to me and mentioned how there is no medium for finding combos for all smash characters in one place, and how one needs to watch tutorials on YouTube for each separate character, sometimes you just want to quickly jump into a casual game or play random and find some quick and easy combos for that character. That’s when I decided I wanted to make it happen for my own experience and also to help others who find themselves in this dire situation like me, unable to find cool combos for every character in one place. This is my first ever proper website and I am glad to have been given the opportunity to make it happen for you guys.

Of course, a project like this works best with the help of you guys! It’s hard to find all combos for every single character alone and therefore me and my new colleague Marf are working hard at a better way for allowing you guys to submit your combos to the site as simply as possible.

Please feel free to send us your feedback through the link below! We would love to hear your criticism and opinions so that we can make ComboBros a better combo index for the community. We would also like to grow the community outwards to help you guys promote your events and all things smash related! If you want to grow your own events/communities through us then feel free to Contact Us 😀

Keep smashing,

Dopey & Marf

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Shoot us a quick Email message or join the Discord channel if you’d like to give us some feedback or suggestions about the site, or want to promote your events/communities on our site!

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Some description about us

Username: Dopey

Age: 18

Main: Inkling

Discord: dopey#5849

Username: Marf

Age: 24

Main: Marth

Discord: Marf#9960

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