Banjo & Kazooie

Bread and Butters

fair-f-tilt 0%

fair-rapid jab 0%

f-throw-dash attack 0%

falling up air-fair 50%

neutral b-jump neutral b (x3) 50%

falling up air-nair 50%

weak dash attack-f-tilt 40%

weak dash attack-dash attack 20%

weak dash attack-multi jab 20%

neutral b-side b 0%

Up throw, up air

Falling nair to grab

Down throw, up tilt

(only works at high percents and requires you to read opponents mash)

Down throw, up smash

(works at high percents)

Intermediate Combos

f throw-jab lock-side b 0%

bair-f throw-f tilt 0%

down b-fair 50%

jump-down b-down b 50%

footstool-dair-jab lock-side b 50%

nair-f tilt-jab lock-down tilt-f tilt 50% (full combo no true)

jump-midair down b-side b 50%

down b-up air (catch down b)-throw down b up-fair 45%

Advanced Combos

footstool-throw down b down-footstool-nair-up smash 35%

up air-footstool jab lock-down tilt-jab lock-side b 35%

neutral b-neutral b-jump-up air-bair 50%

midair down b-catch down b-neutral b-jump-throw down down b-side b 50%

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