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Challengers Uprising

Weekly gaming tournaments.

Free entry and cash prizes.

Developing gaming communities.



Thanks everyone who came and joined and supported our last tournament! We had some big names join us this last tournament, and if you want to watch the replays of the matches, be sure to check out our YouTube, where we post the match replays.

Per usual, we’ll be hosting a new monthly tournament soon with an even LARGER prize pool ($300).


Come join me and the 2Krew as we traverse the gaming galaxy and elevate the universe!

Elevating is the philosophy of “If you get better, I get better” and it is our goal with every stream to elevate each other inside the game and out. Mostly streaming SSBU, but tons of random variety streams also!

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Come join us at our 6th and largest tournament, which will be on March 6th! This was made possible due to the support of our sponsors and you guys! 😀

If you want to help us make these even bigger then please consider joining our Patreon as well. Also, make sure to sign up or catch the stream during the event! The matches will be uploaded to our YouTube (linked below) after the tournament too.