Bread and Butters

Down throw, forward air

Down throw, up air

Down throw, up B

Down tilt, up air

Down tilt, forward air

1) Down throw, forward smash 

– This only works on heavyweights and even then, only on fresh stocks (or extremely close to fresh, no more than 10%). So very situational. But if you land the grab, they won’t be able to DI or dodge it, so it’s some good damage.

2) Down throw, up smash 

– The more accessible version of down throw, forward smash. This will work on most characters at very early percents (they won’t be able to escape), and it’s a good way to get some early damage. It won’t be long until this won’t work though (with someone like Mario, if they’re more than 15% damaged before the grab, it won’t be true), and then you should go with something like down throw, up air

3) Down throw, neutral B 

– This one is pretty simple to do, it will work on most characters from early to mid percents. Not too early though, as it makes the jump follow up a bit hard, I would recommend starting around 30%. I personally don’t like this combo unless you get them right at the edge of the stage, because the endlag from neutral B makes it hard to get follow ups (and can even open you up for punishes).

4) Up tilt,up tilt 

– Something nice to do at very early percents against taller characters on the ground (Mario I think it’s around 10-20% pre hit). The first tilt knocks them up and lines them up perfectly into the second one. Nothing they can do about it. This then leads perfectly into #5.5) Up tilt, up air – This is a much more versatile combo than the other ones I’ve listed, working on most characters from early to mid percents. As long as you follow their DI, you should be able to land the up air easily and get some extra damage 

5) Down air, grab 

– We’re not Captain falcon, this is very hard to land because we’re so slow. But if you land a down air on a grounded character at early percents (0-20% on average weights), you can get a free grab out of it. Which is nice for Incineroar.

6) Down air, up smash 

– While not as easy to land as say, Ganondorf’s, around 50-70% on midweights you can land this for some great damage. Maybe even a kill if you’re on a platform. The trickiest part of this is actually landing a down smash while they’re grounded. Being a slow cat makes this difficult.

Intermediate Combos

1) Down tilt, back air 

– This is the least situational of all the combos, you should always be trying to land this at mid to high percents. With Mario, I’d say around 80-90% is a good range. If you follow DI you will be able to land this properly, and it’s an excellent kill move. The reason this is in intermediate is because you need to land the tilt, turn yourself around, jump backwards and land the back air. It takes some practice to be sure.

2) Down B, forward air 

– This is very situational, and tends to only be consistent with heavies. But at lower percents, it’s a good way to immediately land your stored up power.This combo is more consistent in the air (when both of you are about the same height). Because of this, against some characters with hitbox recoveries (DK, the links, Fox/Falco, etc) it’s a great way to catch their recovery and then kill them. You do have to expend your double jump though, so be careful not to go too far.

3) Down throw, down air 

– This is probably the most situational one of all. When you’re not fighting against a heavyweight, you should only try this at low percents, and even then they can DI out of it if they’re expecting it. But if you catch them off guard with it, you can set them up for good aerial followups on stage and (most disgustingly) a spike off stage. Grabbing them right at the edge and doing this is extremely satisfying.

Advanced Combos

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