P.S. Upsmash is very unreliable in combos and out of shield. also disable into smash attack is not true but a very powerful read.

Bread and Butters

Down throw, forward air 0 to 110

Uptilt into uptilt 0 to 12

Dair into fair/bair/uair 4 to 74

Fair into fair 0 to 40

FCSB(full charge shadow ball) combos (only work at ~0-5%):

FCSB -> Dash Attack (46.6%)

FCSB -> Fair (45.4%)

FCSB -> Dtilt (best combo extender, can be difficult to land on characters that aren’t fastfallers) (37.8%)

FCSB -> Disable (very precise, only works on very heavy characters and/or fastfallers) (32.7%)

FCSB -> Reverse Utilt (alternative to dtilt that works on more characters but leads to less followups) (39%)

FCSB -> SH Nair (best on floaty characters where dtilt doesn’t connect)

FCSB -> Jab (~48%)

Kill Confirms at High % with low charged SB:

SB -> Grab -> Uthrow/Bthrow

SB -> Dash Attack

SB -> FtiltSB -> Fair 

SB -> Usmash

Intermediate Combos

Advanced Combos

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