Mii Brawler

Bread and Butters

– Dtilt into helikick from like 60 – 90% (slightly later if they DI in);

– Dthrow helikick from 60 – 90%;

– (landing nair into) dtilt into short hop fair into dash attack/grab/attack cancel bair at low percents (depending on their fall speed) ;

– 2-frame/ledgehang dtilt helikick from 60 until… 120% I guess (starts at around 50% if fully drifted offstage but you also die);

– Helikick/up smash/axe kick OoS for high percents;

– Ladder combos with uair into TU or dtilt/utilt/dthrow into TU on platforms at mid-high percentages;

– Ledge trump into bair/helikick/dair;

– FMP against ledge options and from falling uair at high percentages;

– Burning Dropkick for edgeguarding bad horizontal recoveries;

– Dropdown weak nair for edgeguarding some non disjointed recoveries;

– Suicidal HoA/axe kick combos at low percents;

– Standard HoA ledge grab;

– Shot put for edgeguarding;

– Fthrow/dthrow at ultra high percentages.

Intermediate Combos

Advanced Combos

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Combo Showcase

Falling Nair, down tilt, forward air

(works from 15%)