Bread and Butters

fair-fair 0%

falling up air-up air 0%

falling up air-bair 0%

first hit of nair-jab-f smash 40% (not true)

falling up air-nair 40%

jab-side b 70%

first hit of nair-up b 70%

nair-dash attack 0%

fair-dash attack 0%

bair-f-tilt 0%

falling up air-up tilt 0%

Jab, nair

Jab, forward air

Jab, up air

Nair, nair

Nair, forward air

Nair 1, forward smash

Nair 1, dash up smash

Down throw, Jab

Down throw, nair

Down throw, up air

Intermediate Combos

falling up air-nair-fair 0%

nair-nair-bair 20%

falling up air-fair-up air-up air 20%

falling up air-up air-up air 20%

falling up air-footstool airdodge down-side b 20% (footstool concept)

bair-jab-down throw-fair 20% (not true)

falling up air-up air-bair 40%

dair-bair 70%

first hit of nair-down tilt-jab-bair 70% (depends on missed tech)

falling up air-dair 45%

jab-bair 90%

down throw-jab-down throw-jab-fair 0% (not true)

f throw-fair-down throw-fair-jab-down throw-fair 0% (not true)

falling up air-nair-nair-nair 0% (di away to escape)

Advanced Combos

falling up air-jab-jab-up air-jab-up air-up air 0% (jab concept)

falling up air-fair-jab-f throw-dair-up smash 0% (dair depends on missed tech)

(high damage string)falling up air-nair-fair-weak up air-jab-side b 0% (0 -death concept)

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