Bread and Butters

Note:these combos all do more damage with command input version ^

nair-dash attack 50%

dair-side b 0%

fair-jab1-jab2-down b 0%

jab1-jab2-up b 0%

fair-f tilt-backwards side b 0%

f tilt-side b 0%

jab-down b 20%

up tilt-up b (command input) 15% (maybe di away?)

At higher percent you need a full hop down air

Intermediate Combos

nair-bair 90%

up tilt-power geyser 90%

nair-nair-up air-up air-up b 50% (not true)

up air-dair-backwards side b 50%

dair-jab1-power geyser 50% (jab lock concept)

nair-nair-side b 50%

neutral b-buster wolf 20%

nair-down throw-up air-up b 20%

bair-buster wolf 20%

dair-up tilt-command input up b 20% (maybe di away)

down throw-up air-command down b 20%

Advanced Combos

nair-fair-jab1-jab2-buster wolf 20%

falling up air-dair-nair-f tilt-buster wolf 10%

down tilt-jab1 (x5)-command down b 100% (only concept)

This combo works once you have GO at >100%

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